Our Terms & Conditions

All hind shoes must be removed prior to Mares arrival, otherwise Romanno Stud will have them removed at mare owners expense. Hooves will be trimmed regularly at mare owners expense.

Mares / foals will be wormed on arrival at stud and every 6 weeks thereafter at mare owners expense. All mares must have a suitable headcollar with mares name thereon. All mares must have a current C.E.M. swab for current breeding season. Although every effort is done to prevent accident / injuries / disease, Romanno Stud and it’s staff cannot be held responsible for any such misfortune happening. Any veterinary treatment for mares / foals shall be summoned by staff at Romanno Stud when they deem that it is necessary. All veterinary costs will be sent direct to mare owners by veterinary surgeon and are all the full responsibility of the mare / foal owners. Stud fee must be paid in full prior to semen being sent / inseminated. NFFR 1st October current breeding season – valid for following stud season only and for mare nominated.
Covering certificates will be sent out after 1st October.

Romanno Stud cannot be held responsible for the quality of the semen after it has left the studs premises nor can the stud be held responsible for any delay in the shipment and delivery of any semen after they have dispatched it. Circumstances can occur which can affect the quality of semen and also the hold up of the delivery of semen both of which are outwith the control of the stud. Romanno Stud will only offer a free return to the original nominated mare for the following season only and only if the mare is not scanned in foal by 1st October in the current nominated breeding season.

A veterinary report must be submitted to the stud no later than 30th November in the current breeding year advising of a non pregnancy. No mare substitutions are allowed in any case and no free service will be offered on the sale of any mare. 3 doses of semen are included in the stud fee but on each and every occasion semen is sent out an additional charge for collection and delivery will be charged. If the mare owner uses an outside stallion on the nominated mare in the nominated breeding season for whatever reason then they will automatically loose the right to the “free return” the following or subsequent breeding years. No substitutions allowed in the event of the death of a mare at any time throughout the breeding season.

Romanno Stud is not liable for any veterinary or other costs incurred while the mare owner attempts to get the mare into foal and it is wise to check all costs which may occur with your veterinary surgeon in the AI process. It is the mare owners responsibility to ensure she is fit for breeding. No refund of stud fee or part thereof with be offered if it is found that the mare is unable to breed. If the nominated stallion becomes unavailable for whatever reason, the mare owner will be required to use one of the alternate stallions owned by the Romanno Stud. I hereby agree to abide by the conditions of the Romanno Stud (which includes staff) and to conditions in this nomination form.

All orders for semen must be received by 0900hrs the day before you require the semen delivered. Semen will be sent out via Royal Mail Special Delivery for 090hrs the following day. On the days that Royal Mail does not deliver then semen can be collected in person from the stud or the client can make alternative arrangements to have it collected.

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